Medical & Medical Devices Industry

Our plastic injection molding, tooling, and mold making capabilities allow us to manufacture
practically any custom part or component for the medical industry.

medical devices industry

Medical & Medical Devices Parts and Components

Comet Tool Company is a specialist in cleanroom injection molding of plastic parts for the medical industry. We have extensive experience working within ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 procedures in a Total Quality Managed (TQM) environment.

Our capabilities include manufacturing of delivery medical devices for stents, sutures, implants, as well as housings for needles, surgical blades, tubes, and the like. In addition, we manufacture components for all types of medical devices.

Comet uses engineering resins that offer excellent mechanical properties and high tensile and temperature load ratings. Our expertise with engineering resins can ensure that your medical injection molding products will meet your exact specifications. Contact us now to find out more about our contract manufacturing services of medical parts or components.

Industries We Serve

Our plastic injection molding, tooling, and mold making capabilities allow us to produce custom parts and components for a broad range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, packaging, food, and beverage industries to name a few. Our contract manufacturing expertise delivers complete turnkey solutions for large and medium sized companies.

Our Location

Our manufacturing and distribution facility is conveniently located in the Northeast USA, easily accessible to clients from the states of New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Ohio. Our proximity to the Philadelphia, Newark, and New York City airports allows us to provide injection mold and molding services to clients locally and internationally.

ISO 9001 - Plastic Injection Molding - medical devices industry

AS9 100 C - Plastic Injection Molding - medical devices industry

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